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Tele-Plus Corporation - West Virginia

Industry Leading Networking and Communication Provider in West Virginia

communication providers. Tele-Plus has delivered integrative, top of the line equipment and solutions since 1977. We stay ahead of the current standards in the industry to provide our customers with unmatched, secure and reliable services. From managed IT services and security alarms, to home automation and cabling design, we proudly serve West Virginia homes and businesses and stand behind our professionalism and equipment. 

Computer and IT Management Services- West Virginia

It is no secret how important having a secure IT management system is for businesses in the world today. With our expert technicians, we will help you create and manage your IT services to prevent interruptions and disasters.

Security and Alarm Systems- West Virginia

At Tele-Plus, we do not settle at just providing industry standard CCTV and alarm monitoring equipment and plans. We stay ahead of the industry and meet our customers’ highest expectations, far exceedingly just their needs. Tele-Plus Corporation’s commercial security systems easily integrate with access control and fire alarm systems. You can control and program changes to your security system, CCTV, and access control systems remotely. View our home and business security and alarm system solutions below.

Business Telephone (VoIP) Services- West Virginia

Personalized business telephone services are not only the first impression callers have of your business, but they are vital in maintaining the efficiency and productivity of your day-to-day business demands. Easily make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using cost effective VoIP services, allowing you to streamline your communication system.

Business Cabling Design and Installation- West Virginia

With over 30 years of experience, Tele-Plus can design and install a structured cabling system that will be the backbone for your data and communication needs regardless of the size of your business. Learn more by clicking below.