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Security Alarm Monitoring Services & Products

Our Central Station

We believe in the highest standard of excellence when it comes to monitoring, and we are committed to providing the highest quality monitoring at an affordable price. With Tele-Plus’s UL listed and Factory Mutual approved central station, you will be at ease knowing that your security is in good hands. Although UL certification is completely voluntary, we value the safety of our customers and want to ensure we are meeting the highest safety standards in our field. Not only does our equipment meet exceedingly stringent requirements, but it is expected of our staff to meet the highest of standards as well. For this reason, our central station operators are SIA Certified and possess superior customer service skills and are committed to providing our customers with the superior customer service that they deserve. Our superior technology and dedicated staff are the perfect combination.

Our Technology

We utilize the latest in transmission/communications methods including telephone, cellular network, regional long-range radio network, and IP. Tele-Plus monitoring provides your company with an unmatched ability to monitor most existing alarm technologies. Our systems and facility back-ups ensure uninterrupted service around the clock, giving you the most reliable service available. Fully staffed technical engineering services are also provided onsite in case of an emergency.

We offer a variety of monitoring services for both residential and commercial markets, including:

Pers Monitoring

  • Video
  • 2-way voice
  • UL Fire Monitoring
  • IP Monitoring
  • Cellular
  • Long Range Radio
  • Virtual Dispatcher

Additional Services

  • Digital Voice Recordings–emailed Wave Files available as needed.
  • Flexible and customized dispatch instructions as needed.

Monitoring Products

  • AES IntelliNet
  • AlarmNet
  • UpLink
  • Tellular
  • DMP IP
  • Firelite IP
  • Talk-a-phone
  • Teldat VisorAlarm IP
  • Videofied
  • PERS
  • Elevator
  • Traditional Phone Lines