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Password Management

Tele-Plus Corporation now offers an easy and safe way for teams and individuals to store and share sensitive data from any device.

Password Management
Password Management
Trusted Security

Your private information is protected with end-to-end encryption before it even leaves your device.

Password Management
Open Source Transparency

Bitwarden source code, features, and infrastructure security are vetted and improved by our global community.

Password Management
Global Access

Access Bitwarden from anywhere, with any platform, in more than 50 languages.

Password Protection with Bitwarden

Empower Your Team & Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Customize and control password requirements and administrative policies that will empower employees to practice good password hygiene.

Monitor and manage security vulnerabilities using the Bitwarden Vault Health Reports with actionable insights to exposed, reused, weak, or potentially compromised passwords, as well as identify any items in your vault with inactive 2FA.

Secure cloud syncing features allow you and your team to access vault data from anywhere, on any device.