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ClickShare Conferencing Solutions

ClickShare Conference by BARCO is where in-office and remote workers meet face to face.  The ClickShare Conferencing Button is easy to install, and you can set up a call with the Unified Communications Tool of your choice and in less than 7 seconds. 

This new functionality is called room dock and it makes remote meetings seamless, hassle-free, and truly impressive.  The benefits of using ClickShare Conference include:

  • An immersive meeting experience.
  • Involve remote participants more actively.
  • Create higher meeting engagement for all participants.
  • Use the conference tool that you find most productive.
  • Connects your device to cameras, soundbars, and any other device.
  • No more frictions when hosting conferences from your laptop.
  • No more struggles with meeting room equipment
  • No cables or additional wires
  • Unique collaborative features

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