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Jason Ellis


“The telephone revolution is here. Let us help you utilize it to grow your business, save you money and be worry free on all your technology needs.”

Jason D Ellis became the Owner and President of Tele-Plus Corporation, the area’s leading telephony equipment and knowledge base provider in 2015. Ellis joined Tele-Plus in 2006 where he worked in the field to gain product knowledge and was promoted to Vice President General Manager in June of 2008. Since then, Ellis’ leadership and industry knowledge have been pivotal in helping local companies take advantage of new technology converging their data and communications need into a single platform saving them money and time.

Ellis and the company’s business and technical leaders are focusing on continued systems integration so that fire, security, cabling, card access, and data can be supported by one entity with seamless support and installation. Tele-Plus’ goal is for you to feel like we only have one customer, YOU.

Described witty, ethical, passionate, dynamic and hardworking, Ellis has infused Tele-Plus with his own brand of energetic leadership, vision, a will to stop at nothing to achieve customer satisfaction.

Ellis was born in April of 1971, and grew up in Boonsboro Maryland, an area rich in our nation’s history. He graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After college, he worked as an engineer and production manager for a steel mill in Hartsville South Carolina. While in South Carolina he completed a Master of Business Administration degree from South Carolina University.

He currently resides in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania with his wife Vicky and three children.