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NEC Business Telephone Systems

Tele-plus offers various NEC business telephone solutions to best serve your business needs.


Cloud-Based Communications

Univerge Blue Connect is an easy-to-use cloud-based communications platform that helps employees to be more productive and collaborative. It includes a full-feature phone system combined with chat, web/video conferencing, and file sync, share, and backup capabilities.


Benefits to Your Business

Included in the UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT are the following systems and functionality:

  • Cloud-based Phone System
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Meeting & Webinars
  • Remote Office
  • Voicemail
  • Presence Indicator
  • Virtual Fax Service
  • Team Chat & Business SMS
  • File Collaboration
  • File Backup

UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT benefits your business with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower Costs
  • High Reliability
  • Simpliefied Scaling & Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

UNIVERGE® SV9100 Netlink

NEC UNIVERGE® SV9100 Netlink connects to 50 SV9100 communications platforms together to operate and manage as a single system.  Businesses today demand efficient, seamless communications that facilitate rapid decision-making and customer responsiveness.  NEC has met this requirement with this integrated communications system that is centrally managed, ensures continuous operation and transparently shares features and functionality company-wide. 

SV9100 Netlink

Reduce Costs through Centralization

Netlink uses a business’s IP network to provide a seamless connection and join up to 50 locations or nodes together as if they were a single system. Features residing on a primary system can be extended to secondary system locations with no incremental cost. This capability cuts the number of licenses required to keep an organization running.

With Netlink, the primary system retains the main database and controls the secondary communications platforms. Access to any extension in the network is the same as being as being there – no matter the location. All 50 locations or nodes can even share a single operator and voicemail system – which saves you time and money.

UNIVERGE® ST500 Smartphone Client

Employees shouldn’t be bound to a desk – they should have the capability to work from wherever their job takes them. NEC’s UNIVERGE ST500 smartphone client for Android™ and Apple® mobile devices allow you to make and receive voice and video calls from virtually anywhere, as if you were sitting at your desk. It gives you the choice to either simply connect to Wi-Fi or use your mobile data (3G/4G) to handle your calls.

ST500 Overview

  • See the person you are talking to for improved communication
    across your organization.
  • Never miss an important call, your desk and smartphone client can
    both ring simultaneously.
  • Use Wi-Fi overseas to eliminate international roaming costs or
    domestically to reduce usage of cell phone minutes.
  • Simplify your communications – one number, one voicemail, one
    call history.
  • Works on all modern Android and Apple mobile devices

NEC SL2100 Communication System

NEC SL2100

The SL2100 is a highly cost-effective option for business phone systems. With built-in features such as VoIP capabilities, it puts unified communications within reach of small businesses.

Powerful IP Phones, Smartphone Client & Handsets

The SL2100 provides a reliable, always-on solution for your business and offers value for money. The SL2100 features:

  • Ergonomic IP desktop phones with full-featured call handling keys, 5 call handling modes for personalized routing and 7 octaves of superior sound quality
  • IP telephony features include voicemail, auto attendant, workgroup features, music on hold, and more.
  • Remain connected from most locations with a ST500 Smartphone App that includes video collaboration capabilities and mobile handsets that help employees take care of business as if they were sitting at their desk.