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“I’m very appreciative of the response and treatment I have received over the years from your employees…when I call I always receive a nice voice on the other end. I know I have been heard and my issue is understood…and steps are taken to resolve the issue.”
Barbara Miles 
Business Office 
Ceresville Mansion, Frederick, MD 
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Tele-Plus Corporation prides itself in being an area leader in the design, installation and service of security solutions. We realize you take your security seriously and so do we. As a dealer, installer, and service provider of protection and fire alarm systems, as well as camera and card access systems, we can provide for all your safety needs.

All technicians are certified by the manufacturer and by the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association to ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Tele-Plus is IQ certified. Installation Quality certification means

  • The IQ Certification program eliminates the guesswork associated with finding a highly competent and professional burglar alarm company.
  • The IQ Certified logo assures you that the company you've contracted to install and maintain your alarm system is among the most qualified and professional in the security alarm industry.
  • The high standards of the IQ Certification Program ensure that your burglar alarm system has been designed to operate with only normal maintenance for years.
  • Your alarm system is less likely to experience false alarms, saving you from hundreds of dollars in fines.
  • All users of your burglar alarm system are fully trained in its proper operation by an IQ Certified installer.
  • Your installer will remain on the premises until you are fully satisfied with the quality of all aspects of your system and its installation, including user training.
The IQ Certification Program lets consumers know that Tele-Plus is committed to high quality fire alarm and security systems.

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Fire Alarm/Life Safety

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Fire alarm protection can be a matter of life or death… property protection or property loss.

Don’t entrust the safety of your family, employees, or business to just anyone. Let our Nicet certified Fire Alarm Engineers design a system that can give you peace of mind.

Whether you need to design and install a new system, upgrade or test and repair an existing one, our Nicet certified technicians are ready to tackle the job! We use the highest quality parts and controls which are guaranteed to be UL listed and state approved. We help take the guesswork out of fire alarm systems by handle all permitting, approvals for any jurisdiction, and necessary inspections.

Fire alarm systems help fire officials respond to emergencies quickly

Did you know that National Code requires all monitored commercial fire alarm system have two forms of communicate and that you are required to have an annual clean and test performed on the system? Also, you must keep a record of the service on site for review by the Fire Marshall.

To simplify this process, we now offer a new Fire Alarm Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement. When you sign up with Tele-Plus for inspection, testing and maintenance of your system you can be assured we are performing the job properly and your system will meet local codes and standards.

Our Fire Alarm Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement Includes Annual Clean and Test of Entire System

  • Includes Intelligent Reporting System:
    • Generates NFPA72 Testing Report Required By The Fire Marshall
    • Provides Comprehensive Data On Every Tested Device
    • Lists Failed Devices With Reasons For Failure
    • Lists Codes And Standards That Address Device Failures
    • Cross-Reference Devices To Find Any Recalled Components On Your System
  • Discounted Repair & Replacement Of Defective Devices
  • Reports Are Electronically Stored And Reviewed With Customer Upon Completion Of Clean And Test
NICET Certified Tele-Plus specialists provide technology and security system support. Building Reports ensures Tele-Plus is a leader in fire alarm and security systems and security monitoring NFPA and Tele-Plus stay current with fire alarm systems and codes.

Stricter fire alarm regulations require periodic testing of most public buildings. Don’t be caught out of compliance. If you are unsure about whether your facility is required to test and document per code give us a call for a free consultation. We offer great rates for any fire alarm system testing and cleaning. We will also make sure your fire alarm system is code compliant. Our monitoring rates are the lowest in the quad state area. Our monitoring station is UL listed and IQ certified to insure the highest quality possible. You don’t have to stay tied down to the same monitoring company that installed your fire alarm system. Get a competitive fire alarm monitoring price today!

Mass Notification

In the event of an emergency, you need to ensure that the proper message gets delivered to the right people at exactly the right time. Tele-Plus Corporation offers mass notification systems that ensure the safety of your people by providing reliable, system wide alerts for notification in the event of an emergency. Our mass notification systems easily notify of an event using visual, audible and/or remote notification through texting or email.

Alarm Systems

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Let our security professionals design a specific system to fit your market of risk.

Tele-Plus professionals pride themselves on being a leader in business security systems in MD, PA and VA

Your peace of mind is important to us! We pride ourselves in being an area leader in the design, installation and service of security system equipment. We realize you take your security seriously and so do we. As a dealer, installer, and service provider of protection and fire alarm systems, as well as camera and card access systems, we can provide for all your safety needs.

Our security solutions are adaptable for any type of environment. Whether you are looking for your residence, business, or construction site, we have a system that will be right for you! Protect your people, your facility, and your assets with reliable Tele-Plus technology.

Commercial Security

Our products are easily integrated with access control and fire. Save money and time with our one controller solution. Plus, one software is used to integrate all systems. Combined with the networking capability, you can control and program changes to your security or card access from anywhere.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor with a single location or a facility manager charged with protecting stores across North America, DMP technology is just what the customer ordered. Our network security solutions allow you to integrate intrusion, fire, and access control into single, effective system scaled and configured precisely to your needs.

Wireless business security systems and security monitoring from Tele-Plus

Our wireless solution avoids the need to drill unsightly holes in walls, floors and ceilings, and gives you greater freedom when placing keypads and sensors. Our components are designed for ease of operation, so your employees can be quickly trained to use the system, with fewer false alarms.

Protect the greatest assets of your business---- your employees. Our systems have remote panic capability of approximately 1/2 mile line of site. Employees can now be protected while in their most vulnerable positions parking lots, dumpsters or building wide.

Residential Security

Tele-Plus offers residential security systems which are specifically designed to your home. You can have the flexibility to remotely arm and disarm your system with the touch of a finger using a keyfob. Each system is constructed to fit each home. Don’t let other companies give you the standard box solution. Let Tele-Plus give you the high level of security your family deserves at a great value.

All of our installers hold a Maryland State Security License which ensures that back ground checks have been completed. Don’t pay questionable people or companies to come into your home to protect you! Ask to see their Maryland State Security License. They are required by law to have one!

Tele-Plus and the MD Burglar & Fire Alarm Association represent security and fire alarm systems professionals   The Electronic Security Association and Tele-Plus make your business security systems and fire alarm systems a priority
Mobile Security

Our Mobile Security Solutions were developed specifically for temporary sites. Protect up to 23 areas with wireless detectors. Arm or disarm remotely with keychain remotes. This application is perfect for constructions sites, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, barns and remote workshops. Our units can operate for 3 months without AC power. All-in-one packaging makes relocation to new job sites easy and convenient. Our unit has wireless communication which makes it ideal for Greenfield sites. No phone lines, no internet, no problem!

Banking Security

Our banking solution is a comprehensive system that will greatly reduce the chances of tragic losses. Bring your entire enterprise online, including any remote kiosks and ATMs, to make instant changes to each location and check location status at any time. DMP offers UL Grade AA network communication to instantly bring your security system online, at the same time saving thousands of dollars every month by eliminating leased line and long distance phone costs. The DMP system addresses every Financial Institutions concerns-Fire, Holdup, Ambush, and Assault.

Our commercial security products are already integrated with card access and fire. Save money and time with our one controller solution. One software to learn and use for integrating all functionality. Combined with the networking capability you can control and program changes to your security or card access from anywhere. We integrate with Dibold, so tell your sales representative you want to save money and let us provide you with the best value possible and three paths of communication.

Government Security

We offer scalable solutions for intrusion detection systems (IDS) and deterrence provide encrypted, versatile, high-level physical security with secure communications—to keep personnel informed in times of emergency and help ensure a rapid, informed response.

Our Command Processor™ panel used for high-security and UL2050 SCIF applications incorporate the U.S. Government's approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael Encryption and has received the industry's first UL listing for Highline Security with NIST-approved 128-bit Encryption.

Plus system flexibility ensures lasting value for security investment. Our panels have been designed for user interface. They possess the ability to be backward and forward compatible so systems can be scaled to fit your security needs cost effectively. We stand behind our technologies with ongoing service and flash programming upgrades to ensure that systems have the latest software to maintain the highest standards and preserve the lasting value of your security system.

Let our security professionals design a specific system to fit your market of risk.

Our superior technology and dedicated staff are the perfect combination.

Home Automation

Tele-Plus home automation allows you to monitor your security system from your cellphone

Home automation uses affordable technology to make your everyday tasks in the home (or office) simpler, safer, and less expensive.  Easily monitor and control your home (or office) anywhere at any time using your smart phone, notebook or computer.

Home automation devices can be used control lights and dimmers, create or enhance home theater and entertainment systems, strengthen home security, automate locks and doors, and increase energy efficiency.  Do you want to save money on heating bills without having to wake up or come home to a cold house? Then home automation is the solution for you! Easily program or adjust your thermostat to fit your schedule! This exciting new technology also allows users to manage their homes or offices remotely by providing them with the ability to arm/disarm alarm systems, review closed circuit television videos, adjust thermostat control, flood and CO2 monitoring, and more.

Use Z-Wave to arm and disarm home and business security systems from your cellphone

Alarm Monitoring

Our Central Station

We believe in the highest standard of excellence when it comes to monitoring. We are committed to providing the highest quality monitoring at an affordable price. With Tele-Plus’s UL listed and Factory Mutual approved central station, you will be at ease knowing that your security is in good hands. Although UL certification is completely voluntary, we value the safety of our customers and want to ensure we are meeting the highest safety standards in our field. Not only does our equipment meet exceedingly stringent requirements, but it is expected of our staff to meet the highest of standards as well. For this reason, our central station operators are SIA Certified and possess superior customer service skills and are committed to providing our customers with the superior customer service that they deserve. Our superior technology and dedicated staff are the perfect combination.

Our Technology

We utilize the latest in transmission/communications methods including telephone, cellular network, regional long-range radio network, and IP. Tele-Plus monitoring provides your company with an unmatched ability to monitor most existing alarm technologies. Our systems and facility back-ups ensure uninterrupted service around the clock, giving you the most reliable service available. Fully staffed technical engineering services are also provided onsite in the case of an emergency.

We offer a variety of monitoring services for both residential and commercial markets, including:

Monitoring Products
  • AES IntelliNet
  • AlarmNet
  • UpLink
  • Tellular
  • DMP IP
  • Firelite IP
  • Talk-a-phone
  • Teldat VisorAlarm IP
  • Videofied
  • PERS
  • Elevator
  • Traditional Phone Lines
Pers Monitoring
  • Video
  • 2-way voice
  • UL Fire Monitoring
  • IP Monitoring
  • Cellular
  • Long Range Radio
  • Virtual Dispatcher
Additional Services
  • Digital Voice Recordings–emailed Wave Files available as needed
  • Flexible and customized dispatch instructions as needed

CCTV System Installation

With over 20 years of video surveillance installing experience, we can customize a system exactly for your needs.   Our conventional surveillance systems use the latest camera technology with high capacity feature rich DVR’s to ensure maximum quality and longer recording cycles. Also, with the latest in infrared technology our systems can work in pitch-blackness, bringing images up to daylight level.

Do you already use an analog surveillance system? Let us show you how an upgrade to an IP system can change the way you see your business! Did you know that high definition IP Video Surveillance offers many advantages over analog surveillance cameras.  These additional benefits include better wireless reception and IP cameras have built in encryption for a secure network.  You will never have to worry that someone else may be viewing your signal and there is less interference than with analog systems.  Also, because IP cameras work as their own network device, you have the ability to use existing network wiring within your building which can make the installation process much faster and easier. 

One of the most compelling advantages of high definition IP cameras is the higher resolution which enables you to see over 50 times more detail than images from analog or lower resolution IP cameras. 

This technology not only allows you to view the big picture but provides the ability to zoom in on fine details to retrieve useful images of people and license plates.  All of this and the freedom to view the surveillance remotely for home, smart phone or tablet!

Let us tell you about IP video surveillance and how it can impact your network.  We can offer a trial in which we actually setup systems on your network so you know what to expect from your new video system.  Our network integration gives you the ability to view your system remotely with any high speed internet connection.

Don’t be let down by poor or slow performance due to lack of installation experience. 

Don’t be fooled by others who fail to properly evaluate your network before adding the stresses of a video surveillance system.  We test and certify that all networks have passed a series of stress tests before we burden a network with video traffic.  Make sure whoever installs your system properly evaluates your network!

Tele-Plus IP video surveillance gives you the clearest view for security monitoring of your home or business with CCTV systems
Choose Video IP For A Difference That Is Clear To See!

Mobile Solutions

We offer mobile line of DVR’s that are designed for public and commercial transportation applications.  These DVR’s are encased in a rugged metal housing with shock absorbing mounts for extreme motion.  With common DVR features such as alarm and audio recording, they can also integrate into the vehicles system and record speed, turn signals, GPS, tachometer, driver panic button and on board spot monitor.  These systems also give the central station the ability to warn drivers of current events such as gas leaks, accidents, and many other custom warnings relevant to their location.

Access Control User Guides

Total Access Control

Tele-Plus Corporation can provide and install equipment for applications ranging from a small multi-door system to large networked systems comprised of thousands of entry points. Best of all, offers the most reliable, easy to use, state of the art access control equipment available.

Tele-Plus total access systems – business security systems, CCTV systems and security monitoring in MD, PA and VA

Our access control systems combines innovative networking with advanced security technologies to provide each facility with an individual security solution that is designed specifically for your needs. Whether you are interested in learning more about a card access system, or a biometric system using fingerprint, face recognition or retina scanners, we can develop the perfect solution for you!

Our Access Control Systems are scalable and provide you with remote access at the touch of your fingers!

Other benefits of our access control include:

Security monitoring and security systems in MD, PA, VA and WV
  • Increased Building Security
  • CCTV and Digital Video Integration
  • Photo Id Badging
  • Varying Access Control Levels
  • Employee Accountability/Time checks
  • History & Current Activity Report
  • Smart Card & Biometric Integration
  • Programmable Permanent & Temporary Access Levels
  • Visitor Management
  • Interactive Animated Maps
  • Event Routing
Check out Tele-Plus’ total access security system software for PA, MD, VA and WV

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